Located at 214 S. Main St in Blackstone, Beyond the Plant is an elevated wellness boutique owned and operated by Caylin Goad. Caylin’s passion is helping people cultivate their wellness through natural supplements, and through her knowledge of how to grow herbs and plants in a way that makes their unique properties more powerful.


“People have a hard time growing their own herbs and things like that, and don’t know all the medicinal values to all the herbs. So, that’s what we’re here to do is to educate and help people grow such herbs,” she shares.

Her cozy store is nestled like a warm and dark respite from the world. There are numerous beautiful items scattered about the store, such as locally sourced semi-precious stones and crystals. There are handmade goodies such as crocheted bags made by a local crafter, Creative Threads. Caylin is passionate about supporting local businesses and sources all of her shop goods locally.

She carries numerous growth mediums such as Commonwealth-Canna which is based in Richmond, and “Coco Loco” which is good for growing hydroponically. She explains a hydroponic medium is soilless but sits directly in water. “There are no nutrients in it at all. It’s just sitting in water, but the cocoa helps keep the plant steady and gives the roots something to hold onto.”


“People have a hard time growing their own herbs and things like that, and don’t know all the medicinal values to all the herbs.”

A lot of the items that she sells help various plants and herbs grow in a medium that is best for their particular needs. “I have three super soils that I carry, all of them have their different purposes, like Coast of Maine is made with specifically like lobster, kelp and things like that, that you only find in Maine. That’s really good for organic growing. Big Roots is another great super soil. Super just means that the soil feeds itself like it does in nature. That’s what makes it organic,” she explains.


Caylin also carries affordable local liquid nutrients that she explains are filled with mega doses of nutrients for any type of soil and growth medium. She believes every product that she sells. “I do a lot of research to make sure that it’s going to be a good product and work one on one with the makers of the product. Actually, if I have any questions, that’s why I really like Commonwealth-Canna and Richmond hydroponics, because I can go directly to the people who’ve made these products.”

Caylin explains that she has a passion for helping people discover their wellness through natural supplements that a lot of people don’t know about. “I opened the shop here in Blackstone because everyone was having to travel so far to get basic essentials and education for a plant. There’s no community out here. So I really wanted to build a community for people, a safe community that way they can come and talk about it and learn.”


Caylin says that she knew in high school that she wanted to open her own business, and later when her passion for herbals met her desire to help people achieve better wellness naturally, it only seemed fitting to open Beyond the Plant.


Visit Caylin at 214 S. Main St. in Blackstone, and she can teach you numerous things about soils, planting, growing times and more. She is a vast wealth of knowledge, and will welcome you in any time.

214 S Main St,
Blackstone, VA 23824

(434) 298-7134































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