In-depth Productions is a growing photography business that has been in Blackstone since 2019, when Carl “Poetic Depth” Bassfield, Jr. began his operations. “I started this business with an iPhone and a dream,” Carl chuckles.


Opening a storefront on Main Street in 2021 has led to his business flourishing. While In-depth Productions continues to expand and cover various genres of photography and videography, Carl and his team focus on weddings, real estate and the events that go with them.

What sets Carl apart is that he not only cares about his art and its portrayal, but his clients. “I’m personable. I like to form a relationship with the people that I work with. In-Depth enjoys finding ways to work with everyone. Depending on the situation, I would likely say, what can you afford? And then, this is what I can provide for you. I’m not cutting quality because the way I feel [is that] my work is going to be out there. I want to be represented in the best way possible. I treat everyone the same. You know, everyone is welcome.” Regardless of the monetary value of the project, Carl and his collaborators put their heart and soul into it. “Everything I do is in-depth. That’s why we got this name.”

“If it’s not in-depth, you’re just scratching the surface,” Carl states on his LinkedIn profile.

In speaking with him, you can’t help but catch his enthusiasm for what he does.

Carl takes particular pride in the fact that he typically turns around the editing on his photography in 24-48 hours. He knows that realtors, for example, are working with strict timetables. “If I shoot your house today, before you go to sleep or wake up in the morning, you have your pictures and video walk through in your email.” That is phenomenal turnaround time and a vital part of what differentiates him in this market. Or, “1600 photos taken at a wedding and the happy couple can be looking through them on their honeymoon!” He has earned a reputation for the quality and speed of his work and has seen a rise in other photographers outsourcing their editing to him.

When asked what he would like for his clients to remember about working with him, he states, “That my quality and speed were both matched. And that it was just a wonderful experience.”


Visit Carl and the team at 220 South Main Street in Blackstone’s Historic Business District and see how they can turn the depiction of your special event into a reality.































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